Smooth Collie

Breed History in Poland

First Smooth Collie appeared in Poland in 1989 and it was born on 02.04.1989 tricolour bitch named FREEDOM vom Ihlpol 'Frida', brought from famous German kennel: "vom Ihlpol" of Mrs Inge Harth. That decision, very important for polish kynology, was made and realised by Mrs IWONA DYSARZ from Nowa Wioska next to Wandow. At that time she had very well prospering kennel of Rough Collies named 'KONTRGALOP'. But suddenly, as usual in real life, some event happened. Iwona was interested in purchasing a bitch of 'Polish Ogar' breed, and only because she couldn't make the transaction with the owner of that breed she didn't buy the puppy at all (luckily!!). Not long later she saw on a show a Smooth Collie for the first time, and it was shown by Inge Harth. Iwona's heart started to beat harder, and she decided to make friends with Mrs Inga, what resulted in 'Frida' coming to her house.

Frida grown into a wonderful bitch, got all family's and every friends' of Mrs Dysarz hearts. She also did wonderful on shows. And the fat that she was the only of that kind on polish rings and won lots of titles is a proof of her perfect anatomy, great motion and beautiful expressiona. She won on foreign rings as well: Berlin'91 - CAC, CACIB, BOB; Insbruck'92 - CACA, CACIB, BOB. In Poland she won 7 x CACIB, Club Winner '91, BOB, many CWCs, Show Winner. And the crowning of her wonderful career was winning the title of Interchampiona in 1992r. In age of 10 years she was show in Sopot for the last time, and then the judge from Norway gave her CACIB and BOB.

In 1990 a sable dog named HONK vom Ihlpol joined the 'Kontrgalop' kennel. He was born on 17.06.1990. So it was the next Smooth Collie from Inga Harth's kennel. Iwona remembers him as a dog with perfect anatomy, perfect motion, however she would preffer more sweet expression. He was successfully shown in country and abroad many times. In 1991 in Dortmund he won title of Youth World Winner. In 1992 in Insbruck he won CACIB, CACA. In 1995 in Berlin - CAC, CACIB - and finished his way to the title of Interchampion. In Poland he won lots of CWCs, Best In Show titles, BOBs and 5x CACIB. An interesting fact is that in 1991 on international show in Warsaw in youth class he won the title of Best of Breed (by the way - in compare with grown 'Frida'), and at that time it was quite a sensation.

The first litter from that couple was born on 10.07.1992. It was 9 puppies: 7 males (1 sable + 6 tricolours) and 2 bitches (1 sable + 1 tricolour). It was a letter 'F' litter. The breeder decided to keep one bitch - a tricolour FIRST BLACK SMOOTH Kontrgalop. She was very promising. Was shown many times in youth class - International Show in Sopot '93 - Youth Winner; Club Show '93 - Youth Club Winner; International Show in Łód? '93 (judge - Audrey Chatfield, UK) - Youth Winner; Grudziadz '93 - Youth Winner; International Show in Poznan '93 - open class - CWC, CACIB.

Unfortunately in november that year, the bitch was stolen. Despite of many long lasting searches, and friends' help the bitch disappeared. Well, that was quite a shock...

Three years later, 28.06.1995 secod litter was born - a letter 'R' one. It was 6 puppies, 4 tricolour males + 2 bitches (1 tricolour + 1 sable).

The breeder decided not to have any more litters. Maybe it was beacuse the troubles with selling the puppies that years. Despite of (seeming) interest, it was quite a problem to find a proper owner for a puppies.

From that second litter a tricolour male named ROYAL BLACK SMOOTH Kontrgalop 'Amadeusz' stayed in kennel. He wasn't shown on shows till 9 year!!! My request was the reason of changing that - as I decided to mate my bitch - 'Celinka' to that dog. Amadeusz on 3 shows won: 3x CWC, 2x Best Male of Breed, CACIB, and 3x BOB. All that in spite of fact of being so old! The judhes was looking at him with incredulity and enchantment. Many times they asked about his age, thinking that they must be wrong, because Amadeus still shows wonderful, light movement, and perfect anatomy. Unfortunately Amadeus passed away. He left us with the end of December of 2007 in age of 12,5 years.

From the same litter as Amadeusz - a tricolour ROSEMARY BLACK SMOOTH Kontrgalop 'Rozia' was shown many time as well. She won the title of Champion of Poland, several times the Club Winner, and many others. However her owner Mr. Pawel Boniecki from Warsaw hasn't decided to have offspring from that beautiful bitch.

In 1997 Mrs. Beata Szwarc from Warsaw brought a tricolour bitch from Finland, named Dalimattas FUTURE SISTER born on 10.08.1997 (Foxearth Future x Dalimattas Smooth As Silk) and tricolour male from Germany, named ALKO vom Ihlpol, born on 10.12.1997 (Percy v. Ihlpol x Bea Turella's). But that couple was shown only on a few shows. In 2000 their only puppies (so far) were born, and the owners kept a bitch. In 2006 new dog from Finland joined this kennel. It is sable Cinaberry's Jolly Jumper (Dandidas Looking Good x Cinaberry's Gwendolyn) born on 21.03.2006.

There are two more, young bitches of Smooth Collie in Poland. One is a sable Timonan NORIANN NOELANI (Honey Melon Hartley Henry x Timoman Kimmy Kidilee) born on 28.05.2003. She came from Finland, imported by Mrs. Katarzyna Koson from Sosnowiec. That beautiful female is very titled and won title of Interchampion, Club Winner, Breed Winner and lots of other prestige titles. On 05.10.2007 Noelani was mated in Finland to a sable dog Int.Ch. Sandcaste's Oliver Hardy. She gave birth to 5 puppies - 3 males (sable) and 2 females (sable and tricolor). The male and the female stayed within the kennel. One of the males: Loriseum Abreu "Brys" is living in Slovakia (owner: mrs. Julia Suvakova). He is an excellent show-dog. He also won the title of Young Winner of Europe Budapest 2008. The other is a tricolour, just as beautiful ZINNIA AGAIN Fantazija, imported from Lithuania, born on 14.05.2005 (Int.Ch. Sandcastle's Truth of Darte x Int.Ch. By My Myself Fantazija), she has the title of Young Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland, Club Winner 2007, 2008, Europe Winner Budapest 2008 and with that CACIB she fullfilled the conditions of Interchampion title. Her owner is Pawel Boniecki from Warsaw - 'Rozia's owner.

For a long time I was observing that breed, that enchanted me with their elegance, beautiful anatomy, and perfect movement. I was thinking about joining a Smooth Collie to my Rough Collies.

In 2000 I visited a Czech kennel of Collies 'Krasna Louka' of Mrs. Ourednik. They had a few Rough Collies and 2 Smooth Collie bitches. One from Denmark - Poulsgaard's Born To Be Wild 'Berta' and from Germany - Celina vom Ihlpol. But then I wouldn't even think I could have a puppy of that breed, although I was interestingly asking Michaela about 'Berta' and 'Celina'.

And again an event happened. In november of 2002 we were on a show in Poznan with my husband, and there we met Michaela, who was showing a young, beautiful from her kennel - BEAUTY Krasna Louka. My husband liked her a lot, and he agreed when I asked if we could have one like that! Not thinkig long I asked Michaela of a puppy. At that time Berta had a litter of 6 bitches and 1 male. That way one of the bitches in first days of December of 2002 came to our house. My husband was a little surprised with the quickness, but well, it was already done... and cute CINDI Krasna Louka - 'Celinka' is with us. She is a great companion, nice and willing to learn, and beautifully presenting herself in shows. Showing her gives us lots of fun, as she is really a 'show girl'. She won lots on polish rings (visit her gallery). But her biggest success was... motherhood. On 23.06.2006 she gave birth to 7 wonderful puppies - 4 females (3 sables and one tricolour) and 4 males (2 sables and 1 tricolour). One of the females - Yth.Ch.Pl. My Smooth Girl 'MELA' - stayed with us.

Tricolour male went to Czech - to Prague. Sable - Maybe Smooth Jazz Ko-To-Ra 'Viki' - to Monika and Tomek Bielawski to Lublin ('Great Paradise' kennel), she was showed many times, and for now she won: Ch.Pl, Ch.SK, Ch.RO, Yth.Ch.Pl, Yth. Winner of Middle and Eastern Europe, Winner of SK 2008, 7x CACIB. Tricolour Macarena Black Smooth Ko-To-Ra 'Megi' lives with Mrs. Wilczewscy (AgaWill); Her achievements: Ch.Pl, Yth.Ch.Pl, Winner of Middle and Eastern Europe, Winner of Poland'07, Yth. Club Winner 2007, 4x CACIB. So both females went to great exhibitors. Third - sable female lives in Wroclaw at Mr. Andrzej Jablonski - great lover of the breed. The sable female MACARY SMOOTH KoToRa (Ch.Pl, Club Winner 2007, 2008, CACIB) lives with Mrs. Renata Rybolowicz from Bialystok. The other sable male MIKITA SMOOTH KoToRa (owner: Marta Wlodarczyk, Warsaw) will also be shown.

Last months some new Smooth Collie arrived to Poland. In december 2007 - sable female: BARONESSA z Roztockeho Zamku (from Czech). In May of 2008 tricolour male: ARIES Jantarova Hviezda (from Slovakia). In September 2008 two females arrived: sable Mighty's Spring Meadow ELECTRA GLIDE (from Slovakia), blue-merle Caramella FLYING EAR (from Czech). I am very happy about these new imports, and I am wishing their owners that they dogs grow into the most beautiful ones, and won in our rings.

We're grateful to Mrs Michaela Ourednikowa - thanks a lot!

October 2008




Int.Ch., Yth.World Winn. '91
HONK vom Ihlpol
DAISY vom Ihlpol
FRODO von Midden Aarde
CLEO van Middemaarle
TAMBA vom Ihlpol
Int.Ch., Eur.Winn.'95, V-ce World Winn. '96 KING vom Pappelkreit
KARINA vom Ihlpol
Int.Ch., Eur.Winn.'95, V-ce World Winn. '96
FREEDOM vom Ihlpol
vom Ihlpol
TAMBA vom Ihlpol
Int.Ch., Eur.Winn.'95, V-ce World Winn. '96 KING vom Pappelkreit
KARINA vom Ihlpol
Int.Ch. World Winn.
BLUE JENNY van Midden Aarde
HARRAS van Midden AardeCOEN van Midden Aarde
FLICKA van Midden Aarde
Int.Ch., World Winn.
BLUE GROMAS van Midden Aarde
GAY KEES van Doerakkenhof;
CLEO van Middemaarle

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